Well, we all know that English is a crazy language. Why don’t they follow a rule and that’s it? Here you have a funny poem about the inconsistencies of irregular verbs and at the bottom you will find lots of exercises to revise for Tuesday’s test.

Verbs is Funny

A boy who swims may say he swum,
But milk is skimmed and seldom skum,
And nails you trim; they are not trum.

When words you speak, these words are spoken,
But a nose is tweaked and can’t be twoken.
And what you seek is seldom soken.

If we forget, then we’ve forgotten,
But things we wet are never wotten,
And houses let cannot be lotten.

The things one sells are always sold,
But fog dispelled are not dispold,
And what you smell is never smold.

When young, a top you oft saw spun,
But did you see a grin ever grun,
Or a potato neatly skun?

Hope you like it…And here comes the serious work. Remember that the topics for the test are: was/ were and Past Simple: regular and irregular verbs (affirmative, negative and interrogative). I will leave a list of links to some online exercises for you to revise:

– Animated grammar tutorials: Past tense yes / no questions , past tense negatives

EGO4U. To find the exercises scroll down.

Past Simple Boy. A story and some exercises.

Esl Blues. To find the appropriate exercises go to Past Simple list.


Hope you find it useful. Study hard. See you on Tuesday.