imagesHi my dear students! In class we’ve been making lots of predictions, so why not telling the world about them and see whether they become true or not?

1) Enter the page Nostradamical.

2) Click on login and enter the following information:

E-mail address (login):
Password: exupery

3) Click on create a new prediction

4) Select a category

5) Write your prediction. NOTE: Your prediction should end in the next 4 years. It should be specific and be verifiable by the public.

For Example: Argentina will win the 2010 football world cup.

6) Then, you can add your opinion about the prediction, photos, interesting links and whatever you feel like it to support your opinion.

Here you can have a look at my prediction. Looking forward to yours. Let’s see which ones are considered the most likely to occur. See you next week.