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imagesHi my dear students! In class we’ve been making lots of predictions, so why not telling the world about them and see whether they become true or not?

1) Enter the page Nostradamical.

2) Click on login and enter the following information:

E-mail address (login):
Password: exupery

3) Click on create a new prediction

4) Select a category

5) Write your prediction. NOTE: Your prediction should end in the next 4 years. It should be specific and be verifiable by the public.

For Example: Argentina will win the 2010 football world cup.

6) Then, you can add your opinion about the prediction, photos, interesting links and whatever you feel like it to support your opinion.

Here you can have a look at my prediction. Looking forward to yours. Let’s see which ones are considered the most likely to occur. See you next week.


Hello again my dear students! This week in class we have been talking about dreams, nightmares, daydreaming. Today we have seen two scenes from the film “The Unborn” and we have discussed about nightmares. If you are curious about the film, here you can see the trailer. If you happen to watch the movie, please tell us your opinion.

So today we will have a new contest. This time please tell us one of your dreams. It can be funny, scary, strange, or just a dream you like. Next week we will vote on the best dream. You can use these questions as a guide…

1) Where were you? Describe the place.

2) What did you see?

3) What did you do?

4) What happened next?

5) How did you feel?

Looking forward to your dreams…

imagesHi dear all,
In class we’ve been talking about music so… why not creating our own playlist to be played in class while we are doing some grammar exercises? I’m sure it will be great fun. The idea is that you share in the comment section a link to a you tube video of your favourite song. It would be better if it is in English. You can also tell us:
– Why do you like that song?
– Who is the singer?
– Who is the songwriter?
– What’s the story behind the song (if there’s any)?
– What do you know about the singer or band?
and whatever you’d like to share. Looking forward to your songs. I’d love to listen to them.

“We only know the things that we tame, said the fox. People no longer have the time to know anything. They buy things already made for peddlers. But since there are no peddlers of friends, they no longer have friends. If you want a friend, tame me!
Goodbye, said the fox. Here’s my secret; it’s very simple: we see well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” (The Little Prince by Saint Exupéry)

Hello my dear students! As you all know, in class we have been talking about friendship, so today I have a proposal for all of you. Let’s share funny  anecdotes with our friends. Why don’t you leave in the comment section a retelling of  the funniest anecdote you have with one or some of your friends? It would be a good idea, if you can also share how and when you met them, what you often do with them and whatever comes to your mind. On Tuesday we can vote on the FUNNIEST ANECDOTE! Let’s see who the winner is.

Well, and now let’s finish with a song about friendship. It’s a karaoke song so why don’t we sing along? Stand by me (quedate a mi lado) by Timon and Pumba:

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